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Spatio-temporal distribution models for dabbling duck species across the continental United States


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Humphreys, J.M., J.L. Murrow, J.D. Sullivan, and D.J. Prosser, 2019, Spatio-temporal distribution models for dabbling duck species across the continental United States: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


These data describe the spatio-temporal distribution of dabbling duck species across the continental United States during four biologically relevant seasons. This dataset contains two types of distribution models: (1) probability of presence, and (2) abundance. The model type, species, and season depicted in a raster are defined in the file name. File names begin with either abun (indicating that it is an abundance model) or prob (indicating a probability of occurrence model). Following model type is species, for which there are 10 provided: ABDU (American Black Duck), AMEW (American Wigeon), BWTE (Blue-winged Teal), CITE (Cinnamon Teal), GADW (Gadwall), AGWT (Green-winged Teal), MALL (Mallard), MODU (Mottled Duck), NOPI (Northern [...]


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abun_ABDU_Breeding.tif 4.58 MB
abun_ABDU_Fall.tif 4.09 MB
abun_ABDU_Spring.tif 4.39 MB
abun_ABDU_Winter.tif 3.8 MB
abun_AGWT_Breeding.tif 5.74 MB
abun_AGWT_Fall.tif 5.79 MB
abun_AGWT_Spring.tif 5.96 MB
abun_AGWT_Winter.tif 5.97 MB
abun_AMWI_Breeding.tif 5.89 MB
abun_AMWI_Fall.tif 5.8 MB
abun_AMWI_Spring.tif 5.94 MB
abun_AMWI_Winter.tif 6.04 MB
abun_BWTE_Breeding.tif 5.99 MB
abun_BWTE_Fall.tif 5.74 MB
abun_BWTE_Spring.tif 5.85 MB
abun_BWTE_Winter.tif 5.82 MB
abun_CITE_Breeding.tif 5.8 MB
abun_CITE_Fall.tif 5.56 MB
abun_CITE_Spring.tif 5.75 MB
abun_CITE_Winter.tif 5.76 MB
abun_GADW_Breeding.tif 5.99 MB
abun_GADW_Fall.tif 5.84 MB
abun_GADW_Spring.tif 5.99 MB
abun_GADW_Winter.tif 6.02 MB
abun_MALL_Breeding.tif 6.02 MB
abun_MALL_Fall.tif 5.83 MB
abun_MALL_Spring.tif 6.05 MB
abun_MALL_Winter.tif 5.87 MB
abun_MODU_Breeding.tif 6.21 MB
abun_MODU_Fall.tif 5.82 MB
abun_MODU_Spring.tif 5.94 MB
abun_MODU_Winter.tif 5.95 MB
abun_NOPI_Breeding.tif 5.73 MB
abun_NOPI_Fall.tif 5.65 MB
abun_NOPI_Spring.tif 5.96 MB
abun_NOPI_Winter.tif 5.66 MB
abun_NSHO_Breeding.tif 6.04 MB
abun_NSHO_Fall.tif 5.92 MB
abun_NSHO_Spring.tif 5.95 MB
abun_NSHO_Winter.tif 6 MB
prob_ABDU_Breeding.tif 4.89 MB
prob_ABDU_Fall.tif 4.85 MB
prob_ABDU_Spring.tif 4.94 MB
prob_ABDU_Winter.tif 4.99 MB
prob_AGWT_Breeding.tif 5.86 MB
prob_AGWT_Fall.tif 5.84 MB
prob_AGWT_Spring.tif 5.86 MB
prob_AGWT_Winter.tif 5.86 MB
prob_AMWI_Breeding.tif 5.82 MB
prob_AMWI_Fall.tif 5.81 MB
prob_AMWI_Spring.tif 5.84 MB
prob_AMWI_Winter.tif 5.87 MB
prob_BWTE_Breeding.tif 5.91 MB
prob_BWTE_Fall.tif 5.84 MB
prob_BWTE_Spring.tif 5.84 MB
prob_BWTE_Winter.tif 5.8 MB
prob_CITE_Breeding.tif 5.84 MB
prob_CITE_Fall.tif 5.69 MB
prob_CITE_Spring.tif 5.79 MB
prob_CITE_Winter.tif 5.71 MB
prob_GADW_Breeding.tif 5.84 MB
prob_GADW_Fall.tif 5.83 MB
prob_GADW_Spring.tif 5.87 MB
prob_GADW_Winter.tif 5.87 MB
prob_MALL_Breeding.tif 5.81 MB
prob_MALL_Fall.tif 5.91 MB
prob_MALL_Spring.tif 5.9 MB
prob_MALL_Winter.tif 6 MB
prob_MODU_Breeding.tif 6.19 MB
prob_MODU_Fall.tif 5.81 MB
prob_MODU_Spring.tif 5.89 MB
prob_MODU_Winter.tif 5.88 MB
prob_NOPI_Breeding.tif 5.77 MB
prob_NOPI_Fall.tif 5.76 MB
prob_NOPI_Spring.tif 5.85 MB
prob_NOPI_Winter.tif 5.8 MB
prob_NSHO_Breeding.tif 5.87 MB
prob_NSHO_Fall.tif 5.82 MB
prob_NSHO_Spring.tif 5.86 MB
prob_NSHO_Winter.tif 5.87 MB
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These data were produced to help better understand trends in spatio-temporal waterfowl distributions and implications this may have on the wild-bird domestic poultry interface.



  • Patuxent Wildlife Research Center



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DOI doi:10.5066/P9DDR3OB
USGS_ScienceCenter Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
USGS_MissionArea Environmental Health
USGS_keywords Ecology, Environmental Health, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Disease

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