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BLM REA MIR 2011 AquaticThreatsHUC10 Imperviousness in Riparian


This geodatabse set contains the attributes and indicators associated with aquatic EI were categorized by size, landscape context, and conditionset in the Middle Rockies Ecoregion. The data for the Aquatic EI used information from the Aquatic Threat analysis performed by the Missouri River Assesment Program (MoRAP). The MoRAP aquatic threat analysis contains information about each threat analysis attribute, indicator and metric arbitrarily quantified (1,2,3) for the 6th level Hydrological Unit (HUC12). These attributes were calculated for the entire HUC 12, the streams within the HUC 12, or the riparian corridor within the HUC 12. For this analysis MoRAP used arbitrary values were assigned good =3, fair =2 and poor = 1. When referring [...]

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