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BLM REA COP 2010 Observed bird locations (2002-2010) in the Colorado Plateau ecoregion, USA


eBird collects observations from birders through portals managed and maintained by local partner conservation organizations. In this way eBird targets specific audiences with the highest level of local expertise, promotion, and project ownership. Portals may have a regional focus (aVerAves, eBird Puerto Rico) or they may have more specific goals and/or specific methodologies (Louisiana Winter Bird Atlas, Bird Conservation Network eBird). Each eBird portal is fully integrated within the eBird database and application infrastructure so that data can be analyzed across political and geographic boundaries. For example, observers entering observations of Cape May Warbler from Puerto Rico can view those data separately, or with the entire [...]

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sourceSystem urn:x-esri:specification:ServiceType:ArcIMS:Metadata:DocID {46402DC8-FBBE-4D74-9220-AF09866428A8}

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