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BLM REA WYB 2011 Aspen Bioclimatic Envelopes


To evaluate the potential changes in the distribution of aspen, we used the bioclimatic envelope model for aspen developed by Rehfeldt et al. (2009) and climate scenario I (CCCM3, emissions scenario A2) for 2030. Current and projected bioclimatic envelopes were used to identify areas where desert shrublands had the potential to increase, decline, or remain the same. We then overlaid the resulting maps with the aspen baseline map to identify existing areas that have the potential to change under climate scenario I. Rehfeldt, G.E., Ferguson, D.E., and Crookston, N.L., 2009, Aspen, climate, and sudden decline in western USA: Forest Ecology and Management, v. 258, p. 2353 to 2364.

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