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BLM REA MAR 2012 Climate "Deltas" deltaratio_1901_1980_2040_2069_ppt_07


For each variable the per pixel change between the recent time slice (1981-2012) or future timslice (2050s) and the baseline (1900-1980) was calculated, identifying climate “deltas” for each pixel. Recent deltas are 800m resolution and use PRISM as the source dataset. Future deltas are 4km resolution and use ClimateWNA as the source dataset. Delta = later timeslice (recent or future) - baseline. Raster values are expressed in climate units either mm for precipitation or degrees c for temperature. delta ratio values are included for precipitation and CMD, which are ratios of change (1 = no change, < 1 = decreasing, > 1 = increasing).

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