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BLM REA MAR 2012 Current and Future Climate Anomalies - anomaly_1901_1980_1981_2012_tmin_08


This dataset contains per-pixel anomailes (z-scores) for each variable, which is the distance between two climate means in units of standard deviation. This includes change for the recent time slice (1981-2012) and future timslice (2040-2069). Recent anomalies are 800m resoultion and use PRISM as the source dataset. Future anomalies are 4km resolution and use ClimateWNA as the source dataset. Anomaly = delta (recent or future)/ standard deviation of baseline

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sourceSystem urn:x-esri:specification:ServiceType:ArcIMS:Metadata:DocID {B1AB7C43-D4CC-4590-A9EF-86961E70F7F9}

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