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BLM REA SNK 2010 Avg_2050s_10 - Standard Deviation comparison between Historical CRU and Projected GCM temperature - FGDC BLM REA


Some of the SNK rasters intentionally do not align or have the same extent. These rasters were not snapped to a common raster per the authors' discretion. Please review selected rasters prior to use. These varying alignments are a result of the use of differing source data sets and all products derived from them. We recommend that users snap or align rasters as best suits their own projects. - The first set of files represents projections of the number of historical (1901-1981) standard deviations (SD) above the historical mean for each of three future decades' (2020-2029, 2050-2059, 2060-2069) temperature and precipitation levels. The second set of files represents projections of the proportion of years in a future decade when monthly [...]

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