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BLM REA CBR 2010 Aquatic Coarse Filter CE Scorecard - SW_USE_N - Inter-Mountain Basins Playa


We analyzed 12 indicators of ecological integrity and 2 Key Ecological Attributes (KEA) to assess the current status of the Aquatic Course Filter Conservation Elements. The indicators used were: 1) Riparian Corridor Fragmentation, 2) Landscape Condition Model Index, 3) Perennial Flow Network Fragmentation by Dams, 4) Surface Water Use/Discharge Ratio, 5) Ground Water Use/Discharge Ratio, 6a) Perennial Flow Modification by Diversion Structures, 6b) Flow Modification by Dams, 7) Condition of Groundwater Recharge Zone, 8a) Atmospheric Deposition-Nitrate Loading , 8b) Atmospheric Deposition--Toxic Mercury Loading, 9) State-Listed Water Quality Impairments, 10) Sediment Loading Index, 11) Presence of Invasive Plant Species, and 12) Presence [...]

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