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NABat Metadata Bulk Upload Templates


The North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) community in ScienceBase is an application developed to support a multi-national, multi-agency coordinated bat monitoring program across North America. The overall NABat effort provides the biological, administrative, and statistical architecture for coordinated bat population monitoring to support regional and range-wide inferences about changes in the distributions and abundances of bat populations facing current and emerging threats. The success of the program relies on data providers recording and uploading survey metadata in a standardized format. NABat upload templates were created to ensure the appropriate data are collected and outline formatting requirements for submission [...]

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Bulk_Stationary_Acoustic_Full_Template.csv 11.44 KB
Bulk_Mobile_Acoustic_Full_Template.csv 9.96 KB
Bulk_Hibernaculum_Colony_Count_Full_Template.csv 4.41 KB
Bulk_Maternity_Colony_Count_Full_Template.csv 4.41 KB
Bulk_Emergence_Count_Full_Template.csv 3.25 KB
Capture_Records_Template.csv 1.7 KB


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