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Grand Falls, Arizona: Dune Field Sand Transport 2013 - 2016


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Hayward, R.K., Titus, T.N., Zimbelman, J., Hiza Redsteer, M., and Sunda, A.M., 2020, Grand Falls, Arizona: Dune Field Sand Transport 2013 - 2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


As part of a NASA-funded study of sediment flux rates at a Mars analog site, we installed a suite of instruments in a small dune field near Grand Falls, Arizona. Data released in this report were collected from 10/28/2013 to 11/04/2016. The Grand Falls (GF) dune field is located on the Navajo Nation. It lies ~70 km NE of Flagstaff, AZ, 2 km east of Grand Falls, and just north of the Little Colorado River (LCR). The dune field consists of barchans, smaller dunes, ripples, and bare, indurated interdune surfaces; all features commonly found on the Martian surface. We measured sediment flux using a Sensit saltation sensor and a set of three Big Spring Number Eight (BSNE) passive sediment samplers, at 20, 50, and 100 cm above ground level [...]


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GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_1.csv 3.65 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_2.csv 3.88 KB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_3.csv 4.14 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_4.csv 3.57 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_5.csv 3.96 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_6.csv 784.83 KB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_7.csv 2.69 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_8.csv 1.58 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_9.csv 3.78 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_10.csv 3.62 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_11.csv 5.08 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_12.csv 4.88 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_13.csv 9.65 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_14.csv 1.05 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_15.csv 1.14 KB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_16.csv 7.98 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_17.csv 7.92 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_18.csv 12.53 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_19.csv 15.34 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_20.csv 7.82 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_21.csv 3.42 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_22.csv 12.01 MB text/csv
GF_Detailed_Collection_Data_MAMMA_23.csv 4.33 MB text/csv
GF_SandSize_Data.csv 7.86 KB text/csv
GF_Summary_Page.csv 31.93 KB text/csv


Data were obtained to study sediment flux rates at Grand Falls Dune Field as an analog for sediment flux on Mars.



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