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POSCRPT: Postfire Spatial Conifer Restoration Planning Tool


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Micah C. Wright, Joseph A. E. Stewart, Phillip J. van Mantgem, Derek J. N. Young, Kristen L. Shive, Haiganoush K. Preisler, Adrian J. Das, Nathan L. Stephenson, Jon E. Keeley, Hugh D. Safford, Kevin R. Welch, James H. Thorne. 2020. poscrptR. R package version 1.0.0.


Postfire Spatial Conifer Restoration Planning Tool (POSCRPT) R package (and web version) predicts the probability of post-fire conifer regeneration for fire data supplied by the user. The predictive model was fit using presence/absence data collected five years after wildfire, from 1,234 4.4m radius plots (60m2), spanning 19 wildfires in California. Please refer to Stewart et al. (2020) for more details. The poscrptR tool is designed to simplify the process of predicting post-fire conifer regeneration under different precipitation and seed production scenarios. The app was designed to use Rapid Assessment of Vegetative Condition (RAVG) data inputs. The RAVG website has both RdNBR and fire perimeter data sets available for all fires [...]


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  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • Southwest CASC


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