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Watershed modeling for stream ecosystem management


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Description of Work U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will develop and provide forecasting tools for managers to determine how water withdrawals or other hydrologic or land use changes in watersheds may affect Great Lakes ecosystems. This information will help guide restoration efforts to achieve maximum effectiveness and success. Project provides unified information across the Great Lakes Basin for ecosystem restoration, assessment, and management by incorporating models that relate changes in landscape and hydrologic variables and stresses to changes in ecosystem function. The project relies upon regionally consistent hydrologic, biologic, and geospatial data to generate regionally consistent estimates, models, and analysis. USGS is [...]

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Two objectives from this focus area benefit from this research. The ungaged flow estimates provide key information for assessing tributary streamflow within the Basin. The major purpose of this work is to provide a common, consistent, framework for stream ecosystem restoration and management. This framework can be used to assess the health of aquatic ecosystems, provide tools for use in stream ecosystem and watershed restoration, planning, and management; help identify areas in need of protection, conservation, enhancement, and restoration; and provide information for policy makers to make informed decisions on topics that relate to stream ecosystem health.

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