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Stream Network and Stream Segment Temperature Models Software


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This set of programs simulates steady-state stream temperatures throughout a dendritic stream network handling multiple time periods per year. The software requires a math co-processor and 384K RAM. Also included is a program (SSTEMP) designed to predict the steady state stream temperature within a single stream segment for a single time period. SNTEMP is a mechanistic, one-dimensional heat transport model that predicts the daily mean and maximum water temperatures as a function of stream distance and environmental heat flux. Net heat flux is calculated as the sum of heat to or from long-wave atmospheric radiation, direct short-wave solar radiation, convection, conduction, evaporation, streamside vegetation (shading), streambed fluid [...]


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John C Risley
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Fort Collins Science Center
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Anthony L Everette

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SNTEMP was developed to help aquatic biologists and engineers predict the consequences of stream manipulation on water temperatures. Water temperatures may affect aquatic systems in many ways, ranging from acute lethal effects, to modification of behavioral cues, to chronic stresses, to reductions in overall water quality. Manipulations may include reservoir discharge and release temperatures, irrigation diversion, riparian shading, channel alteration, or thermal loading. The model has been used to help formulate instream flow recommendations, assess the effects of altered stream flow regimes, assess the effects of habitat improvement projects, and assist in negotiating releases from existing storage projects.


  • Fort Collins Science Center (FORT)


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