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Time Series Electromagnetic Induction-Log Datasets, Including Logs Collected through the 2014 Water Year in South Florida


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Prinos, S.T., and Valderrama, Robert, 2016, Time Series Electromagnetic Induction-Log Datasets, Including Logs Collected through the 2014 Water Year in South Florida: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Time series electromagnetic-induction log (TSEMIL) datasets are collected from PVC cased or uncased monitoring wells to evaluate changes in water conductivity over time. TSEMIL datasets consist of a series of individual electromagnetic-induction logs collected at a frequency of months or years that have been compiled into a dataset by eliminating small uniform offsets in bulk conductivity between logs likely caused by minor variations in calibration. At depths where water conductivity is not changing through time, each log is typically within about ±15 mS/m of the median of the dataset at any given depth, which is within the stated repeatability specifications of the probe (Mount Sopris Instrument Co., Inc., 2002). Though the offsets [...]


Point of Contact :
Scott T Prinos
Originator :
Scott T Prinos, Robert Valderrama
Metadata Contact :
Scott T Prinos
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
USGS Mission Area :
Water Resources
SDC Data Owner :
Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center

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G-2478_255936080091702_2014_data.xlsx 378.15 KB
G-2893_261740080054101_2014_data.xlsx 193.87 KB
G-2921_260326080120301_2014_data.xlsx 581.67 KB
G-2930_260208080160501_2014_data.xlsx 129.43 KB
G-2933_260207080161801_2014_data.xlsx 122.07 KB
G-2956_260026080095801_2014_data.xlsx 335.55 KB
G-2957_260551080111901_2014_data.xlsx 357.07 KB
G-2965_255916080092001_2014_data.xlsx 308.41 KB
G-3250_254946080172601_2014_data.xlsx 347.75 KB
G-3313E_253831080180206_2014_data.xlsx 298.86 KB
G-3601_255358080114101_2014_data.xlsx 617.87 KB
G-3602_255116080120601_2014_data.xlsx 511.56 KB
G-3603_254908080125201_2014_data.xlsx 171.45 KB
G-3604_254722080152201_2014_data.xlsx 402.23 KB
G-3605_254629080143101_2014_data.xlsx 326.05 KB
G-3606_254341080174001_2014_data.xlsx 114.36 KB
G-3607_254156080172101_2014_data.xlsx 190.19 KB
G-3608_254108080170601_2014_data.xlsx 316.38 KB
G-3609_254005080171601_2014_data.xlsx 239.49 KB
G-3611_253710080184701_2014_data.xlsx 304.24 KB
G-3612_253457080195501_2014_data.xlsx 188.27 KB
G-3615_253024080231001_2014_data.xlsx 227.95 KB
G-3698_252814080244101_2014_data.xlsx 216.07 KB
G-3699_252652080244301_2014_data.xlsx 217.61 KB
G-3700_253027080234701_2014_data.xlsx 193.08 KB
G-3701_253214080224601_2014_data.xlsx 209.67 KB
G-3702_253334080213601_2014_data.xlsx 210.58 KB
G-3704_254822080125501_2014_data.xlsx 279.75 KB
G-3705_255625080094901_2014_data.xlsx 308.12 KB
G-3885_253253080221201_2014_data.xlsx 85.33 KB
G-3886_253527080195401_2014_data.xlsx 94.86 KB
G-3887A_253924080174601_2014_data.xlsx 133.73 KB
G-3888A_254542080145901_2014_data.xlsx 138.7 KB
G-3932_252601080211601_2014_data.xlsx 117.84 KB
G-3933_252254080221101_2014_data.xlsx 104.88 KB
G-3934_252042080205201_2014_data.xlsx 112.37 KB
G-3935_252212080244401_2014_data.xlsx 82.09 KB
G-3936_252524080241301_2014_data.xlsx 100.87 KB
G-3937_252720080231301_2014_data.xlsx 120.01 KB
G-3938_252603080254101_2014_data.xlsx 128.79 KB
G-3939_252436080270901_2014_data.xlsx 104.67 KB
G-3940_252229080284201_2014_data.xlsx 101.21 KB
G-3941_252627080192901_2014_data.xlsx 130 KB
G-3942_252349080181501_2014_data.xlsx 135.67 KB
G-3943_252655080202301_2014_data.xlsx 121.66 KB
G-3944_252339080210701_2014_data.xlsx 113.62 KB
G-3945_252116080193501_2014_data.xlsx 126.75 KB
G-3946D_252431080261001_2014_data.xlsx 75.08 KB
G-3947_255011080124501_2014_data.xlsx 166.13 KB
G-3948D_255515080103601_2014_data.xlsx 220.79 KB
G-3949D_255733080195601_2014_data.xlsx 255.49 KB
GL-332_264912081024601_2014_data.xlsx 277.17 KB
HE-1145_264532080545901_2014_data.xlsx 332.42 KB
PB-1195_263044080035102_2014_data.xlsx 846.2 KB
PB-1714_262803080041101_2014_data.xlsx 382.79 KB
PB-1723_263633080031401_2014_data.xlsx 831.82 KB
PB-1815_265519080364901_2014_data.xlsx 466.14 KB
PB-1816_265428080364501_2014_data.xlsx 354.43 KB
PB-1817_265142080374201_2014_data.xlsx 399.37 KB
PB-1818_265138080375801_2014_data.xlsx 424.44 KB
PB-1819_264814080414301_2014_data.xlsx 674.61 KB
PB-1820_264332080421101_2014_data.xlsx 284.93 KB
PB-1821_264222080425401_2014_data.xlsx 259.56 KB
PB-1822_264154080480301_2014_data.xlsx 567.75 KB
2014_TSEMIL_DataRelease_20160901.pdf 23.99 MB
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Time series electromagnetic-induction log (TSEMIL) datasets are collected to evaluate changes in water conductivity over time.

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DOI doi:10.5066/F7NV9GBT

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