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Characterizing the Natal Origins and Host Plants of Western Monarchs


ABSTRACT: The objective of this proposed work is to better characterize the natal origins of western monarch (Danaus plexippus) butterflies using stable isotopes and cardenolides. This work will build on previous studies and may help to explain how the population increased from less than 2000 individuals in 2020 to nearly 250,000 individuals in 2021. Despite their conservation importance and recent population declines, the natal origins of western monarchs remain poorly known. Improving knowledge of these natal origins would inform species protection and habitat management. AWARD ID: F23AC00051 START DATE: 09/16/2022 END DATE: 10/31/2026 SOURCE: Region 8 Science Applications AMOUNT: $22,934 PI: Dr. Louie H. Yang CONTACT [...]

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