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In 2008, DGMR received by donation from the University of Virginia (UVA) a large collection of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens that was at risk of imminent disposal or dispersal due to the lack of adequate storage facilities. The collection includes many valuable and irreplaceable geologic specimens collected in Virginia by UVA students, faculty, and geoscientists from the early Virginia Geological Survey. Parts of the collection were at one time displayed in the Lewis Brooks Hall of Natural Science, which opened in 1877. Following the closure of the UVA Department of Geology in the 1960s, the collection was moved to various warehouse storage areas, where it was largely forgotten and inadequately preserved....
This collection includes 4,525 rock thin sections archived by the DMME Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources. The thin sections represent a wide range of rock types in Virginia and are available for petrographic studies. Many, but not all of these thin sections are associated with rock specimens inventoried in the Rock Repository, identified by the tag "R-#####". Other thin sections represent rock specimens from earlier studies for which documentation may exist, yet the original rock sample may not be available. The location coordinates for the thin sections are approximate, given by the 7.5-minute quadrangle centroid. Work continues on this collection to better document missing information.

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