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The Core Photography collection consists of imagery of drill cores from across the Commonwealth of Virginia. These cores were drilled as part of mineral and fossil fuel exploration activities, geotechnical engineering work, geological investigations, and environmental work conducted by industry, government and academia. Most of the cores were donated to the Virginia Department of Energy (Virginia Energy). The physical cores are stored in facilities adjacent to the Natural Resources building in Charlottesville, VA. The overall condition of the collection is good, with the majority of the cores stored in wooden, metal, or cardboard core boxes. Some of the core has associated drill logs and chemical analysis available....
The Economic Geology Mineral Resource Files comprise an extensive collection of reports documenting visits to mine sites, letters to and from mineral operators and land owners, unpublished laboratory analytical reports, field notes, photographs, sketch maps, and historic newspaper and periodical clippings pertaining to inactive mine and prospect locations throughout Virginia. The files are organized by folders and are stored in metal file cabinets. Document scanning, digital conversion, georeferencing site locations, and metadata creation is in progress. There are an estimated 9,500 documents.

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