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Mainstem rivers are the backbone of a connected network of hydrologic units that cover the landscape. A mainstem connects a headwater source area to an outlet. This data release identifies the same mainstem paths in hydrographic datasets for the world based on the MERIT hydrography and the Natural Earth river names. Made with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map data @ See "Blodgett et al., 2021, Mainstems: A logical data model implementing mainstem and drainage basin feature types based on WaterML2 Part 3: HY Features concepts" for mainstems data model details.
This dataset contains modeled hourly streamflow in cubic meters per second at each of about eighteen thousand selected operational and water-quality stream gage locations. It was assembled from publicly available retrospective V2.1 National Water Model outputs (See NWM Retrospective source info). The streamflow variable was extracted from model output files and the data were reshaped to optimize read performance. The stream gage locations were derived from several ongoing USGS project gages for evaluation of streamflow, water quality, and real-time monitoring, however only National Water Model identifiers and NHDPlusV2.1 catchment outlet locations (as contained in the National Water Model output files) are used...

    map background search result map search result map National Water Model V2.1 retrospective for selected NWIS gage locations, (1979-2020) National Water Model V2.1 retrospective for selected NWIS gage locations, (1979-2020)