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This product summarizes data used in the analysis portion of our Flood and Storm Tracker (FaST) manuscript (see larger work citation). The dataset titled HUCsppMatrices2012-2022.csv has each Hydraulic Unit Code (HUC) with an introduced taxon in each storm and the HUC it connected to by flood waters (lateral or longitudinal). The dataset titled ConnectionPoints_2012-2022.csv has each lateral (not longitudinal or downstream) connection point for each storm event. The dataset titled LongitudinalConnectionPoints_2012-2022.csv has each longitudinal or downstream connection point for each storm event.
Invasive alien species (IAS) are a rising threat to biodiversity, national security, and regional economies, with impacts in the hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars annually. Proactive or predictive approaches guided by scientific knowledge are essential to keeping pace with growing impacts of invasions under climate change. Although the rapid development of diverse technologies and approaches has produced tools with the potential to greatly accelerate invasion research and management, innovation has far outpaced implementation and coordination. Technological and methodological syntheses are urgently needed to close the growing implementation gap and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and synergy among...
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Background: The Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (NAS) Database functions as a repository and clearinghouse for the occurrence of nonindigenous aquatic species information from across the United States. The Database contains locality information on more than 1,300 species introduced as early as 1800, including freshwater vertebrates and invertebrates, aquatic plants, and marine fishes. Taxa include both foreign species and North American native species that have been translocated outside of their natural range. Locality data are derived from many sources, including scientific literature; Federal, State, and local natural resource monitoring programs; museum collections; news agencies; and direct submission through...

    map background search result map search result map Native ranges of freshwater fishes of North America Data release: Flood and Storm Tracker (FaST) data Data release: Flood and Storm Tracker (FaST) data Native ranges of freshwater fishes of North America