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Static metadata (current to August 2018) of Minnesota's borehole geophysical log collection maintained by the Minnesota Geological Survey. This collection is web-accessible through the MGS Open Data Portal at, where users can obtain the most up-to-date information pertaining to old and new borehole geophysical logs and download corresponding PDF and LAS files for each log (if available). The Borehole Geophysical Database (BGD) is a collection of over 7000 borehole geophysical logs of water wells and drill holes throughout Minnesota. Database collections reside at the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) and are continually maintained and expanded upon by MGS staff as part of MGS mapping...
The Maryland Geological Survey (MGS) Drill Cuttings Collection consists of washed and unwashed cuttings from drilling sites throughout Maryland. The collection includes chips from rock drillings as well as cuttings from unconsolidated Coastal Plain sediment drilling. There are approximately 5,200 boxes (15.5” x 5.5” x 3.4”) in the collection. Each box contains between 20-50 envelopes, bags or vials of cuttings. The Drill Cuttings Collection is now primarily stored in the MGS Core (and Cuttings) Library in the basement of MGS’s Kenneth M. Weaver building. Due to space constraints, some cuttings are stored in the basement of the Weaver Annex building. The majority of the drill cuttings were collected by well...

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