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A reconnaissance investigation for uranium-bearing carbonaceous materials was made in three major areas of southern Utah: Kaiparowits Plateau, Henry Mountains, and Kolob Terrace. No uranium deposits of economic interest were found. A few l- to 2-foot beds of carbonaceous shale in the Dakota(?) sandstone contain 0.006-0.007 percent uranium. Other carbonaceous sediments that were examined contain 0. 002 percent or less uranium.
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Sand-calcite crystals are found in the Morrison Formation of Jurassic age in south-central Garfield County, Utah. The outcrop area is less than 1 acre, yet the locality contains many fine specimens of single, double, and complex crystals in good hexagonal form. This is the first known occurrence of sand-calcite crystals in rocks of Jurassic age and is the first reported occurrence in Utah.
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