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Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are public-private partnerships composed of states, tribes, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, international jurisdictions, and others working together to address landscape and seascape scale conservation issues. LCCs inform resource management decisions to address broad-scale stressors-including habitat fragmentation, genetic isolation, spread of invasive species, and water scarcity-all of which are magnified by a rapidly changing climate. For further information go to The previous 2011 LCC Network Areas data is available at
This data is for planning purposes only. LCCs are applied conservation science partnerships with two main functions. The first is to promote collaboration among their members in defining shared conservation goals. With these goals in mind, partners can identify where and how they will take action, within their own authorities and organizational priorities, to best contribute to the larger conservation effort. The second function of LCCs is to provide the science and technical expertise needed to address the shared priorities and support conservation planning at landscape scales – beyond the scope and authority of any one organization. The organizational model of the LCC Network was intentionally structured to operate...