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Sediment (0.5 mm–2.0 mm grain size) was incubated in nylon bags (200 μm mesh) below the water table in the channel and in two transects of shallow wells perpendicular to the banks (to 18 m) of a third-order stream during August, 1987. One transect of wells drained steep old-growth forest, and the other a steep 23 year-old clear-cut partially regenerated in alder. At approximately 6-week intervals between October, 1987, and June, 1988, bags were retrieved. Total exchangeable ammonium was determined on sediment, and dissolved oxygen, nitrate and ammonium were determined in stream and well water. Exchangeable ammonium ranged from 10 μeq/100 g of sediment in the stream where nitrification potential and subsurface exchange...
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