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In practice, there are a number of challenges associated with formal consideration of the environment in water planning in large parts of the Desert LCC region. In Arizona, for example, there is no legal requirement to include the environment in water management or planning efforts (Megdal et al. 201 0). Therefore, there is little incentive to develop the additional tools and resources required to include the environment as a water demand sector. Appropriate inclusion of the environment into water planning requires conducting planning at a scale and geography that matches regional hydrology rather than political boundaries. Therefore, without explicit policy guidance from state government, regional stakeholders...
Sky Island Alliance (SIA) is a non-governmental organizational that works to protect and restore the rich natural heritage of native species and habitats in the Sky Island Region. We work with volunteers, scientists, land-owners, public officials, and government agencies to establish protected areas, restore healthy landscapes, and promote public appreciation of the region’s unique biological diversity. Because of our long-standing collaborative relationships with land managers and our large corps of skilled volunteers, we were in a unique position to spearhead this project.SIA initiated this springs inventory, assessment and management planning project to develop baseline information on springs in the Sky Island...
Empirical evidence supports wild birds as playing a role in the interhemispheric exchange of bacteriaand viruses; however, data supporting the redistribution of parasites among continents are limited. Inthis study, the hypothesis that migratory birds contribute to the redistribution of parasites between continentswas tested by sampling northern pintails (Anas acuta) at locations throughout the North PacificBasin in North America and East Asia for haemosporidian infections and assessing the genetic evidencefor parasite exchange. Of 878 samples collected from birds in Alaska (USA), California (USA), and Hokkaido(Japan) during August 2011–May 2012 and screened for parasitic infections using moleculartechniques, Leucocytozoon,...

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