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Heinrichs Geoexploration Co. Maps: Area 2-Bouse, Momag Area 1; 1 in. to 2 miles; 18 x 25 in.
The 'Hecla Mining Co. Lakeshore Project' file is part of the Grover Heinrichs mining collection. Grover was the Vice President of Heinrichs GEOEXploration, located in Tucson, Arizona. The collection contains over 1,400 folders including economic geology reports, maps, photos, correspondence, drill logs and other related materials. The focus of much of the information is on the western United States, particularly Arizona, but the collection also includes files on mining activity throughout the United States, foreign countries, and 82 mineral commodities.

map background search result map search result map Johnson Camp Area, I.P. Location and Interpretation Plan Black Jack Anomaly, Magnetic Survey Line No. 6 Harquahala, I.P. Traverse Line No. A Sheet 1 and 2 Gila Claim Group, Magnetic Survey Vertical Intensity Smith Property I.P. and Magnetic Survey Location Map Twin Buttes Area Cuprite Mine, I.P., Line No. 4, Spread 1 Carmen, Gen. I.P. Location Plan North Star, I.P. Traverse Line No. 3 Mohave, Mining Evaluation Project Safford, I.P. and Resistivity Survey, Line No. 5 Hualapai Area, Index Map Halloran Prospect, Jane Claims Group, Index Map New River Area, I.P., Line No. 1, Spread 1 North Butte, I.P., Line No. 7.5E, Spread 1 New River Area, I.P., Line No. 1 Area 2-Bouse, Momag Area 1 Safford Resistivity Four Buttes Area, Magnetic Contours, I.P. Safford, Apparent Polarization, Line G, 0.1 and 2.0 CPS Grover Heinrichs mining collection: Hecla Mining Co. Lakeshore Project Carmen, Gen. I.P. Location Plan Mohave, Mining Evaluation Project Area 2-Bouse, Momag Area 1 Gila Claim Group, Magnetic Survey Vertical Intensity