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The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service awarded funding to eight projects for the Southern Rockies LCC. Attached is a PDF list of the projects.
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There are few resources that provide managers cross-scale information for planning climate adaptation strategies for species and taxa at risk. Appropriate allocation of resources requires an understanding of mechanisms influencing a species’ risk to global change. Dr. Griffis-Kyle will produce a manuscript for peer-reviewed publication and create content for web pages that can be included on the Desert LCC website that provide modules on amphibian climate adaptation strategies. This work is associated with addressing Desert LCC Critical Management Question 4: Physiological Stress of Climate Change and follows a webinar that Dr. Griffis-Kyle presented for the Desert LCC’s CMQ 4 team, titled “Climate and Desert Amphibian...
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This project utilizes projected visualization of land cover conditions for the state of Florida at three future time periods. Simulated projected future conditions also vary by patterns in development, levels and types of conservation, and sea level rise. These visualized scenarios afford the opportunity to examine a range of possible outcomes for land use and land cover, and use these scenarios to evaluate the impacts on potential habitat distributions for focal species. For this project, focal species were centered within the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and impacts. The methodology for this project includes four major steps, which have been found to be effective in previous scenario analyses with...
General and Current Hydrology 1. The U.S. Geological Survey’s National Water Information System (NWIS) is a network of websites that contains a wealth of hydrologic data and links to tools and resources. It has a very helpful data discovery site. 2. NWIS Web Services Snapshot is an ArcGIS add-in tool developed by the U.S. Geological Survey. It allows users to query the NWIS database and download subsets of the data into geodatabases. 3. The Western Water Assessment’s Intermountain West Climate Dashboard displays climate data graphics that are updated on a daily basis. These graphics include data for drought monitoring, current and forecasted streamflow and reservoir storage. 4. The U.S. Bureau...
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This web link connects to a list of the applied science projects that were chosen by the Bureau of Reclamation to receive funding in 2011. Full proposals are included. In addition, a PDF list of the projects (without links to their proposals) is attached here. The projects are intended to assist management decisions for the Desert and Southern Rockies Landscape Cooperatives.
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This simple interface is designed to help inform conservation decisions by allowing you to explore a suite of data layers and models. You’ll find information on priority natural resources, biodiversity richness, landscape connectivity and integrity, surface waters and factors contributing to potential landscape change (sea level rise, urban development).1 Compare Key Characteristics across FloridaUse one of the tabs above to explore different combinations of key characteristics assessed at the watershed scale across the state. Click on the bars in the charts to filter the map by that class. You can combine filters across tabs and across factors within a tab. You can also display that factor on the map by clicking...

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