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This community serves to document data and analysis collected by researchers within the Upper Midwest Water Science Center whose mission is to collect high-quality hydrologic data and conduct unbiased, scientifically sound studies of water resources within the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Basins. We strive to meet the changing needs of those who use our information—from the distribution, availability, and quality of our water resources to topic-oriented research that addresses current hydrological issues.
Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center ScienceBase Community page! Our Center spans a multi-state area that includes eleven office locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Our water-resources investigations study area spans from the karst geology of the Ozarks and the Appalachians to agricultural regions of the Mississippi Delta to the coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. On this site, you will find data releases pertaining to water quantity and quality of the surface-water and groundwater resources in our five-state area. It is our goal to provide the public with reliable, impartial, timely information and scientific analysis necessary to...
The mission of the U.S. Geological Survey Colorado Water Science Center is to be the principal source of timely, high-quality science information on Colorado’s water resources, and to be a leader in providing an understanding of how those resources relate to the people and environment of the state. This will help planners, managers, and others to make the decisions necessary for the wise use of these limited and shared resources.
The Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center (CFWSC) is one of the Water Science Centers in the Water Resources Discipline of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The Water Science Center's mission is to collect, analyze and disseminate the impartial hydrologic data and information needed to wisely manage water resources for the people of the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
Global climate change is putting unprecedented pressure on global croplands and their water use, vital for ensuring future food security for the world's rapidly expanding human population. The end of the green green revolution (productivity per unit of land) era has meant declining global per capita agricultural production requiring immediate policy responses to safeguard food security amidst global climate change and economic turbulence. Above all, global croplands are water guzzlers, consuming between 60-90% of all human water use. With increasing urbanization, industrialization, and other demands (e.g., bio-fuels) on water there is increasing pressure to reduce agricultural water use by producing more food from...

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