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Evidence from cross-sectional growth regressions suggests that economies dependent on natural resource exports have had slower growth than resource scarce economies. Explanations for this "curse of resources" focus on institutional and market failures caused by resource abundance. With a simple two sector model exhaustible resource model, we demonstrate that the correlation between growth and natural resource abundance can be negative in the absence of market and institutional failures. Since there is no way to distinguish between efficient and inefficient equilibria on the basis of the negative correlation between growth and resource abundance, finding that correlation is not sufficient to conclude resources are...
Thuis empirical note provides a disaggregated analysis of the causal relationship between fossil fuel consumption and real gross domestic product (GDP) in the US using annual data from 1949 to 2006. The Toda-Yamamoto long-run causality tests reveal the absence of Granger-causality between coal consumption and real GDP; positive undirectional causality from real GDP to natural gas consumption; and positive undirectional causality from petroleum consumption to real GDP.
In 2015, the total amount of water withdrawn for domestic self-supplied in Florida was estimated at 177 million gallons per day (Mgal/d). All of this water is from fresh groundwater sources. Duval County accounted for the largest amount of fresh groundwater withdrawn (13 Mgal/d) followed by Marion County (12 Mgal/d) and Lee County (11 Mgal/d). This category includes water withdrawn by households with a private well for drinking water purposes, but does not include water withdrawn from private wells used solely for lawn irrigation purposes.

map background search result map search result map Table 4. Domestic self-supplied water withdrawals by County in Florida, 2015 Table 4. Domestic self-supplied water withdrawals by County in Florida, 2015