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map background search result map search result map Artillery Peak Manganese Deposits Vertical Cross Sections Toughnut Mine Assay Sheet, Samples 17657 to 17917 Plan of Western Chemicals Inc. Plant Continental Mine 3rd Level Calumet & Arizona Co. 1450 Level, Sill Floor El Tiro Ore Body E-W Section 36 900 N Copper Cities Comparison of Ore and Waste Estimated With Ore and Waste Mined for Completed Level Mineral Hill Mine Location Map Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. 300 Level Regal Asbestos Mine Cross Sections Consolidated Mine 500' Level, No. 2 Shaft Sec Artillery Peak Explanation Sections Columbia-Silver Bell, Sample-Assay Map (3195) Sub LV. Superior and Boston Copper Company Geologic Cross Section Superior & Pittsburgh Co. Hoatson Shaft Level 1300 Floor No. 9 Johnson Camp Unit, Underground Workings El Tiro Ore Body E-W Section 35 900 N Bluebird Mine, Sections A-B and C-D Artillery Peak Explanation with Assay Data Moss Mine Longitudinal Projection Map