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These training materials are a product of the CDI-funded project: Data Management Training and Education. Training materials for a future USGS Data Management Workshop were developed, leveraging work done for DataONE. The materials were made available for the CDI community to review and provide feedback. All feedback was incorporated into the power point slides and finalized in FY12. Content was gathered from several sources including DataONE, a TDWI Education Data Management course attended by 6 members of the CDI community (Hutchison, Holl, Zolly, Henkel, Tessler, and Burley), and a USGS Data Management Workshop taught by Tom Chatfield of Bureau of Land Management. The CDI Data Management Training materials...
This presentation describes the website and training materials developed by two CDI projects: USGS Data Management Website and USGS Data Managament Training and Education. It was presented on Sept. 5, 2012 at a CDI-sponsored webinar.