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The USGS and Virginia Tech are determining if and how the implementation of conservation practices, such as best management practices (BMPs), in watersheds have improved the health of Chesapeake nontidal streams. Our goal is to identify the effects of BMPs and land-use on stream ecosystems by linking upstream landscape change to stream physical habitat, water quality, flow and temperature, and macroinvertebrate and fish responses. We are also determining the specific sources of stress to streams and fish populations to help identify which management practices are most likely to improve stream health. Each year from 2021 to 2024 we study a different Chesapeake landscape setting that is a focus area for stakeholders...
The U.S. Geological Survey Denver Library maintains a collection of more than 400,000 photographs taken during geologic studies of the United States and its territories from 1868 to the present. These images provide a visual history of the discovery, development, and sciences of the United States and its Geological Survey. Some photographs have been used in USGS publications, but most have never been published. Currently, this website represents less than 10 percent of the Library's images with approximately 38,000 photographs on-line. Visit
WELCOME to the Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal This is the primary access to the LC MAP Data Catalog tool, powered by ScienceBase. LC MAP was originally developed by the U.S. Geological Survey in coordination with the Great Northern LCC and is broadly available for ScienceBase users to share, access, and analyze common datasets. LC MAP was developed to aid resource managers share data across partners agencies and perform intensive geospatial analysis on a landscape scale. LC MAP allows users to discover, assess, edit, analyze, and model common data themes and provides powerful geospatial analysis capabilities of ArcGIS 10 and its broad array of extensions. More information about LC MAP is available...
These resources are a collection of formally released datasets and data products created or managed by the U.S. Geological Survey. The collection provides access to data and services to facilitate public data sharing, as well as to help establish linkages to associated publications and projects both within and outside of the bureau. For more information about the process of completing a USGS data release, please visit

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