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HSIP Freedom 2010
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Agriculture Production Poultry Slaughtering and Processing in the United States This dataset consists of facilities which engage in slaughtering, processing, and/or warehousing for the purpose of producing poultry and egg products. Facilities where poultry is raised or where eggs are laid are not included in this dataset, as they are included in a separate layer. TGS was not tasked with ensuring the completeness of this layer. The source data used for this data layer does not include any facilities in American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, or Wyoming. Records with "-DOD" appended to the end of the [NAME] value are located on a military base, as defined by the Defense Installation Spatial...
This shapefile is a point shapefile that displays the locations of the state/regional agricultural fairs held throughout the United States. Some states (e.g., Alaska) have multiple state fairground sites. Hawaii holds its main state fair event at the Aloha Bowl, but does not have any other specific state fairground facility. Rhode Island does not have a specific state fairground facility...its main fair event each year is the Washington County fair. For Rhode Island & Hawaii, no records were populated in this data set.

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