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CDI helped fund development of the USGS Geo Data Portal in 2010. In 2012, CDI funded two projects to increase the functionality of the Geo Data Portal. The Resources section below contains links to the Geo Data Portal website and deliverables from the 2012 projects. Principal Investigator : David L Blodgett Description of the Geo Data Portal from the Geo Data Portal documentation home : The USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) project provides scientists and environmental resource managers access to downscaled climate projections and other data resources that are otherwise difficult to access and manipulate. This user interface demonstrates an example implementation of the GDP project web-service software and standards-based...
2012 Updates (from the FY12 Annual Review) The NWIS Web Services Snapshot represents the next generation of data retrieval and management. The newest Snapshot tool allows instant access to NWIS data from four different web services through ArcGIS, software available to all USGS scientists in all mission areas. Increased data retrieval efficiency reduces the steps required to retrieve and compile water data from multiple sites from what can be more than 30 steps to just a few clicks. As an end-user education tool, it promotes use of NWIS data from both web services and the NWIS database, which increases the production of scientific research and analysis that uses NWIS data. The Snapshot database design enables efficient...
2012 Updates - Phase 2 (information from the FY12 CDI Annual Report) This project solicited input from USGS Mission Areas, Geographic Areas, CDI, etc. on Phase 1 FY11 Data Management Education Products. The proposal called for an interface with Data Management Website Working Group to make materials available. The work also included the development of content for a USGS data management training program based upon existing materials and data management training. Finally, development of a format/structure for data management training workshop was completed. Principal Investigator : Heather S Henkel, Vivian B Hutchison Benefits Inform and encourage broadest possible application of data Management best practices...
As one of the cornerstones of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) National Geospatial Program, The National Map is a collaborative effort among the USGS and other Federal, State, and local partners to improve and deliver topographic information for the Nation. It has many uses ranging from recreation to scientific analysis to emergency response. The National Map is easily accessible for display on the Web, as products and services, and as downloadable data. (Description from The National Map website, In fiscal year 2010, the Community for Data Integration (CDI) funded the development of web services for the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), the National Elevation Dataset (NED)...
The CDI Upload, Registry and Access Project was added as a core capability to ScienceBase, a data integration system sponsored by Core Science Systems. The following description is the abstract from the 2012-3874 USGS Fact Sheet: "As a leading science and information agency and in fulfillment of its mission to provide reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) ensures that all scientific data are effectively hosted, adequately described, and appropriately accessible to scientists, collaborators, and the general public. To succeed in this task, the USGS established the Community for Data Integration (CDI) to address data and information management issues...