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Deep learning is a computer analysis technique inspired by the human brain’s ability to learn. It involves several layers of artificial neural networks to learn and subsequently recognize patterns in data, forming the basis of many state-of-the-art applications from self-driving cars to drug discovery and cancer detection. Deep neural networks are capable of learning many levels of abstraction, and thus outperform many other types of automated classification algorithms. This project developed software tools, resources, and two training workshops that will allow USGS scientists to apply deep learning to remotely sensed imagery and to better understand natural hazards and habitats across the Nation. The tools and...
Insect pests cost billions of dollars per year globally, negatively impacting food crops and infrastructure and contributing to the spread of disease. Timely information regarding developmental stages of pests can facilitate early detection and control, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. To address this need, the USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) created a suite of “Pheno Forecast” map products relevant to science and management. Pheno Forecasts indicate, for a specified day, the status of the insect’s target life cycle stage in real time across the contiguous United States. These risk maps enhance decision-making and short-term planning by both natural resource managers and members of the public. ...