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map background search result map search result map Cyclopic Gold Basin Drill Sections Geologic Section of Charleston Claim State of Texas Mine Sections Gladstone McCabe, Monopolist Project Proposed Underground Drilling Junction Mine Superior & Pittsburgh Co. Copper Co. Section 6 Level 1300 Plat of the Hibernian Mining Claim, Lot No. 37 Victory and Adjacent Groups Claim Map Geological Map of the Zonia Syndicate Property Bluebird Mine Vertical Cross Section 1400 S Yarnell Drill Hole Section YN SX1200N North Star Mine, Assay Plan Gladstone McCabe, Lead-Zinc Soil Geochemistry, Turam E.M. and I.P. Anomolies Hilltop Mine Kasper Adit Level Bruce Mine Division Plan in Case of Fire or Explosion Goldfield Mine, Elevation of the Mammoth Mines Tin Cup Property, Reserve Section I-I' Rose Quartz Claims, Map of Adits Jay Uranium Claims, Location Map Mineral Survey No. 2586 Property of the Indiana-Arizona Development Co., Silver Bell Mining District Bonanza Mine 235 Level