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This data layer summarizes ecological systems and land cover classes described in state-level and national-level maps as Broadly Defined Habitats for groups of species of conservation concern. Each grid cell in the raster is assigned a Condition Index value based on desired condition metrics using ancillary datasets and a decision tree approach for each assessed habitat. Grid cells are also assigned bar code descriptors indicating which metrics contributed to the Condition Index score for that cell. This layer also contains information about potential habitats based on the LANDFIRE Biophysical Settings data layer. This layer was developed to support the next iteration of the Conservation Blueprint developed by the...
This raster depicts the percentage of lithological sodium oxide (Na2O) content in surface or near surface geology. We derived these rasters by calculating the average percent Na2O content for each map unit in combined surficial-bedrock geologic maps. We used state geologic maps (Preliminary Integrated Geologic Map Databases for the United States, Open File Reports 2004-1355, 2005-1305, 2005-1323, 2005-1324, 2005-1325, 2005-1351, and 2006-1272), which depict surficial geology instead of bedrock when the surficial layers are sufficiently deep. For the state maps that do not incorporate surficial geology (i.e., midwestern states), we overlaid surficial geologic map units with thicknesses greater than 100 feet (from...

    map background search result map search result map Geochemical Characteristics of the Conterminous United States: % Na2O Arkansas Broadly Defined Habitats Arkansas Broadly Defined Habitats Geochemical Characteristics of the Conterminous United States: % Na2O