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Map document, AL_MP500467, is part of the New Jersey Zinc Collection; the topic area is Cross Section and the map type is Mine Plan. The PDF was scanned from a paper map as part of the USGS NGGDPP deliverable for 2020-21.Physical Storage: Room 2, Austinville Limestone Company, Newtown Church Road, Austinville, VA 24312. Digital Storage: \\NG00250050\DGMR\Collections\NewJerseyZinc\Maps\AL_MP500467.pdf The author is The New Jersey Zinc Company. The item is dated: unknown. Notes: Austinville Mine Plan, Sections 10-80 at 1:100 scale. Includes mine passageways and test hole locations.
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Map

    map background search result map search result map Map from the New Jersey Zinc Company Historic Collection , AL_MP500467, Austinville, VA