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American Metal Climax, Inc. (AMAX) added coal production to its diverse mining, metals, and energy concerns on November 1,1969 through a mutually approved merger with Ayrshire Collieries Corporation of Indiana. Ayrshire boasted a long and productive lineage, originating with the first mines established by Scottish immigrant, David Ingle, in the early 1850s near Evansville, Indiana. The Ayrshire name persisted through subsequent purchases of mine shafts by Electric Shovel Coal Corporation in 1927 and a merger with the Patoka Coal Company in 1939, but was rebranded as AMAX Coal Company on January 1, 1972. It became America's third-largest coal producer by 1975. Drilling records in this collection relate to the company's...

    map background search result map search result map AMAX Coal Company Drilling Records, 1855-1989 Kentucky Bullitt Oil Shale Epson #'s B's thru N's Epson #'s B's thru N's Kentucky Bullitt Oil Shale AMAX Coal Company Drilling Records, 1855-1989