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The Sqigwts 3-D Landscape is an interactive three-dimensional experience developed to provide an opportunity to effectively learn about the important cultural significance of sqigwts, the water potato (Sagittaria latifolia), to the Schitsu’umsh or Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe (of the Pacific Northwest USA). The goal is to provide information on the potential vulnerability of this species to climate change and of the Schitsu’umsh living relationship with it. Schitsu’umsh knowledge and practice is called hnkhwelkhwlnet, meaning “our ways of life in the world,” and is conveyed through acts of re-telling oral traditions and stories. For the Schitsu’umsh, storytelling is a living act and can only truly occur in-person...
The NC CSC has collaborated with the USGS AmericaView program to deploy cameras that will record phenology throughout the region. Although, not all cameras were deployed throught AmericaView, they were deployed at the following sites: Ashland Bottoms, Kansas Bangtail Study Area in Bozeman, Montana Central Plains Experimental Range, Colorado Grand River Grasslands, Iowa Grand Teton National Park National Elk Refuge, Wyoming Nine Mile Prairie, University of Nebraska, Nebraska Oakville Prairie, North Dakota Poudre Learning Center, Colorado Sagebrush Steppe, Wyoming Earth Resources Observation and Science Center, South Dakota
The Blueprint 2020 Data Gallery is a website dedicated to the Blueprint 2020 spatial data. This website is located on the South Atlantic Blueprint Atlas. On this website, users can explore the Blueprint 2020 spatial data as well as the spatial data used to create Blueprint 2020. This website features an interactive mapping feature so that users who do not have access to desktop GIS can explore the spatial data.
The Bedrock Core Information System interactive map illustrates important reference information about 1,155 cores in the IGWS bedrock core archive at a glance, including the spatial location, IGWS reference number, total depth below the land surface captured by the core, top bedrock unit penetrated and depth to the top of that unit, and bottom bedrock unit penetrated and depth to the bottom of that unit.

    map background search result map search result map Sqigwts 3-D Landscape Blueprint 2020 Data Gallery Sqigwts 3-D Landscape Blueprint 2020 Data Gallery