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The Big Sky Carbon Atlas is being developed using a GIS (Geographic Information System) and related tools as an online resource for partners and other stakeholders in the Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership to explore and analyze the spatial characteristics of key geologic, physiographic, and anthropogenic factors affecting the Partnership's objectives.
Sheridan County's Interactive Internet Mapping is now available. Make sure your internet browsers pop up blocker is disabled on the launch page. Be sure to check out the tutorial that can be accessed from the launch page of the site. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes and is highly recommended prior to using the site in order to utilize the site at it's full capability.
The Sublette County MapServer provides access to all of the County's GIS data. All you need is a web browser. If you are new to our MapServer, please read this tutorial before you begin. GIS data produced by Sublette County for use in your own system is available for download from the archive. The Sublette County Map Server was designed and developed by Greenwood Mapping, Inc. and is powered by MapServer, PostGIS, and OpenLayers.
CRIS offer tools for viewing and querying the wyoming Cultural Resources spatial attribute data, and performing analysis tasks such as selecting features and identifying features.
The Land Survey Information System (LSIS) website contains a collection of geographic information from the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Geographic Coordinate Data Base (GCDB), representing the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) of the United States. The Land Survey information is available to download free of charge. The GCDB grid is computed from BLM survey records (official plats and field notes), local survey records, and geodetic control information.
The Sqigwts 3-D Landscape is an interactive three-dimensional experience developed to provide an opportunity to effectively learn about the important cultural significance of sqigwts, the water potato (Sagittaria latifolia), to the Schitsu’umsh or Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe (of the Pacific Northwest USA). The goal is to provide information on the potential vulnerability of this species to climate change and of the Schitsu’umsh living relationship with it. Schitsu’umsh knowledge and practice is called hnkhwelkhwlnet, meaning “our ways of life in the world,” and is conveyed through acts of re-telling oral traditions and stories. For the Schitsu’umsh, storytelling is a living act and can only truly occur in-person...
GeoData Portal Python Toolkit pyGDP provides a fast and efficient way of making calls to the USGS GeoData Portal from a python environment. Data format: delimited text, NetCDF, GeoTIFF, Python/Numpy array. pyGDP has the following alogrithms: - FeatureCategoricalGridCoverage - FeatureWeightedGridStatistics - FeatureCoverageOPenDap - FeatureCoverageWCSIntersection
Categories: Data; Types: Application, GeoTIFF
The EnviroMapper tool combines interactive maps and aerial photography to display facility-based information from the Envirofacts Warehouse. There are now six geographically based selection options to help you zoom into areas of interest. Each option essentially does the same thing, offering maps and aerial photos that can be used to locate EPA regulated facilities. However, two options, "By Address" and "By Facility" have the potential to zoom to a point closer to or exactly on your facility.
Web application that provides producers, agencies, TSPs, and others electronic access to relevant soil and related information needed to make use & management decisions about the land.
The WyGISC Imagery Server provides access to the most recent aerial photography 2009 true-color NAIP and all previous aerial photography collected, i.e. 2006, 2000, and 1994, Additionally access is provided for all series (i.e. 1:24,000, 1:100,000, and 1:250,000) of Digital Raster Graphics (scanned topographic maps) for Wyoming, including both collared and clipped images.
GeoCommunicator is the publication site for the Bureau of Land Management's National Integrated Land System (NILS) transaction applications (Survey Management, Measurement Management, and Parcel Management). GeoCommunicator provides searching, accessing and dynamic mapping of data for federal land stewardship, land and mineral use records from BLM's LR2000, and land survey information. GeoCommunicator is an official United States Government website provided by the Bureau of Land Management & the U.S. Forest Service.
Categories: Data; Types: Application; Tags: boundaries
The NPMS Public Map Viewer enables the user to view National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) data one county at a time. NPMS data consists of gas transmission pipelines and hazardous liquid trunklines. It does not contain gathering or distribution pipelines, such as lines which deliver gas to a customer's home. Therefore, not all pipelines in an area will be visible in the Public Map Viewer. To view the data, select a state and then a county from the drop-down lists. To view another county, close the Public Viewer window, return to the home page of the NPMS website and click the NPMS Public Map Viewer button again. The user may zoom in to a map scale of 1:24,000. Data cannot be downloaded from the Public Viewer.
Portal which contains modeled projections of storm surge from coastal storms along the East and Gulf Coasts and the resulting physical,economic, and social losses. Developed in collabortion with FEMA. Contains SLOSH storm surge data and HAZUS loss data by census block.
Categories: Data, Map, Web Site; Types: Application, Downloadable
OCGIS is short for OpenClimateGIS, a set of geoprocessing and calculation tools for CF-compliant climate datasets. OCGIS is a Python package designed for geospatial manipulation, subsetting, computation, and translation of climate datasets stored in local NetCDF files or files served through THREDDS data servers. OpenClimateGIS has a straightforward, request-based API that is simple to use yet complex enough to perform a variety of computational tasks. The software is built entirely from open source packages. ClimateTranslator is a new web interface to the OpenClimateGIS functionality
Categories: Web Site; Types: Application
The Land and Mineral Use Records web site is an Internet application within GeoCommunicator. It allows users to search, locate, and map the BLM's land and mineral use authorizations and mining claims on public lands throughout the United States. Land and mineral use authorizations include such things as oil and gas leases, right-of-ways, and mineral leasing.
Blossom is an R package with functions for making statistical comparisons with distance-function based permutation tests developed by P.W. Mielke, Jr. and colleagues at Colorado State University and for testing parameters estimated in linear models with permutation procedures developed by B. S. Cade and colleagues at the Fort Collins Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey. This implementation in R has allowed for numerous improvements not supported by the Cade and Richards Fortran implementation, including use of categorical predictor variables in most routines. Statistical procedures available include: A permutation testing version of ordinary least squares (OLS) regression that parallels the least absolute deviation...
Climatic elements, such as temperature, precipitation, snow, wind, pressure, etc., are included and intended to portray the climate of the United States. The point data used to create the maps came from the National Climatic Data Center's extensive climate data archives. GIS tools used include ESRI's ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcIMS, as well as PRISM, a proprietary climate model. The Atlas' internet interface (html and javascript) communicates with ArcIMS to render the images.
The IMC contains information about and maps of national parks. The IMC delivers base maps and park brochure maps for geographic reference and navigation to and within parks. If you are a geography student or GIS specialist you may be interested in browsing and using the original park GIS data.

map background search result map search result map Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership Atlas Sheridan County Wyoming Wyoming Cultural Resources Information System (CRIS) WyGISC Imagery Server Climate Atlas of the United States EPA EnviroMapper National Pipeline Mapping System Public Map Viewer Land Survey Information System (LSIS) for Wyoming at 1:24,000 USDA, NRCS Web Soil Survey Sublette County Wyoming GeoCommunicator Land and Mineral Use Records for Wyoming at 1:24,000 National Park Service Park Locator Road Conditions Map for Wyoming GIS Map Viewer for Wyoming Sqigwts 3-D Landscape Sheridan County Wyoming Sublette County Wyoming WyGISC Imagery Server Wyoming Cultural Resources Information System (CRIS) Land Survey Information System (LSIS) for Wyoming at 1:24,000 USDA, NRCS Web Soil Survey Land and Mineral Use Records for Wyoming at 1:24,000 Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership Atlas Climate Atlas of the United States EPA EnviroMapper National Pipeline Mapping System Public Map Viewer GeoCommunicator National Park Service Park Locator Road Conditions Map for Wyoming GIS Map Viewer for Wyoming Sqigwts 3-D Landscape