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The USGS National Paleontological Database is a developing project to catalog and make available information about paleontological samples and details such as species observations by individual paleontologists. Several different databases and indexes will be aggregated to create this data resource, with ScienceBase taking on the role of original master data source for some legacy collections. The database and this ScienceBase community will be organized into various collections and sets of data based on their original sources. Items found in the community will generally be records of samples with associated details about when, how, and where they were collected along with observations made on the samples by paleontologists....
Categories: Collection
A collection of 378 photographs documenting the geology and effects of the Alaska Earthquake, March 17, 1964.
Version 3.0 of the NFHP Data System consists of data access and visualization tools and underlying data management tools and functions. The NFHP National Assessment Results Viewer allows users to visualize the primary results reported in Through a Fish's Eye: The Status of Fish Habitats in the United States 2010 at various spatial scales. It depicts the condition of stream and coastal habitats across the country on a variety of base maps and provides one-click access to more detailed information at finer scales. The NFHP Data Theme Viewer provides a summarized look at available data by theme. Datasets are displayed to show data distribution and data density nationally, compared to available data linked to the NFHP...
This collection provides discrete data resources from the USGS Fort Collins Science Center provided for harvest.
Categories: Collection
The citations and abstracts in this collection from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts/ProQuest provide summary metadata describing articles published in a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific journals, largely between 1990-2011. The topical scope of this collection includes terrestrial and aquatic ecology and biology; wildlife and zoonotic diseases; renewable energy; genetic biodiversity; species of conservation concern; pollinator issues; and invasive species.
Categories: Collection
The National Wetlands Research Center provides a collection of metadata records for harvest into the Science Data Catalog.
Categories: Collection
The National Geospatial Program collection of resources provide service interfaces to the basemap services from The National Map and the services provided by ScienceBase for NGP Staged Products (US Topo, etc.).
Categories: Collection
The Silica Collection consists of descriptions for 51 outcrop samples collected as part of an evaluation of potential high-silica resources in the western region of Virginia. Sampling was conducted in conjunction with reconnaissance field mapping to determine the extent of high-silica deposits.  The record for each sample consists of a physical description, location information, sieve analysis, and chemical test data.  The results of laboratory analyses are included in several published reports including DGMR Publications 32, 67 and Mineral Resources Report 11.
Categories: Collection, Data, Physical Item; Types: Collection
This collection includes 4,525 rock thin sections archived by the DMME Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources.  The thin sections represent a wide range of rock types in Virginia and are available for petrographic studies.  Many, but not all of these thin sections are associated with rock specimens inventoried in the Rock Repository, identified by the tag "R-#####".  Other thin sections represent rock specimens from earlier studies for which documentation may exist, yet the original rock sample may not be available.  The location coordinates for the thin sections are approximate, given by the 7.5-minute quadrangle centroid.  Work continues on this collection to better document missing information. 
Categories: Collection, Physical Item
The U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) is a facility for storing, curating, and studying ice cores recovered from the polar regions of the world. It provides scientists with the capability to conduct examinations and measurements on ice cores, and it preserves the integrity of these ice cores in a long-term repository for current and future investigations.
The Data Preservation, Informatics, and Laboratories program is part of the Core Science Systems Mission Area in the USGS. It is responsible for the Core Research Center, the National Ice Core Laboratory, several Paleontology Laboratories, and other facilities.
Categories: Collection
South Florida Information Access - South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) is an interdisciplinary service that provides coherent information access in support of research, decision making, and resource management for the South Florida ecosystem restoration effort. Sponsored by the USGS Priority Ecosystems Science Initiative (PES, formerly the USGS Place-Based Studies Program (PBS)), SOFIA offers a suite of information systems and tools enabling the selection, organization, documentation, dissemination and storage of data and other information products. SOFIA focuses on the projects and products of the South Florida PES Initiative, as well as related projects and products from other information providers, including...
Categories: Collection
Earthquake Hazards Program Data Sources includes the ANSS
Categories: Collection
This folder contains information for metadata records for Gap Analysis Program data resources including: 1) Land Cover Data; 2) Protected Areas Database of the United States; 3) Species Ranges; and 4) Species Distribution Models.  The metadata records described are for current national-level data resources.
This NGGDPP community organizes information in three levels below the community. Just below the Community are folders for each of the contributing agencies.  Under each of these agency folders are folders representing geological and geophysical collections registered by the contributing agency with the National Digital Catalog.  At the lowest level, under each of the collection folders are the individual item metdata records which have been uploaded by the agencies. More information about the National Digital Catalog is available at:   
Categories: Collection
In 2008, DGMR received by donation from the University of Virginia (UVA) a large collection of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens that was at risk of imminent disposal or dispersal due to the lack of adequate storage facilities. The collection includes many valuable and irreplaceable geologic specimens collected in Virginia by UVA students, faculty, and geoscientists from the early Virginia Geological Survey.  Parts of the collection were at one time displayed in the Lewis Brooks Hall of Natural Science, which opened in 1877.  Following the closure of the UVA Department of Geology in the 1960s, the collection was moved to various warehouse storage areas, where it was largely forgotten and inadequately preserved. ...
Categories: Collection, Physical Item
As one of the cornerstones of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) National Geospatial Program, The National Map is a collaborative effort among the USGS and other Federal, State, and local partners to improve and deliver topographic information for the Nation. It has many uses ranging from recreation to scientific analysis to emergency response. The National Map is easily accessible for display on the Web, as products and services, and as downloadable data. The geographic information available from The National Map includes orthoimagery (aerial photographs), elevation, geographic names, hydrography, boundaries, transportation, structures, and land cover.
Categories: Collection
Coastal and Marine Geology Program Internet Map Server and GIS Data
Categories: Collection; Types: sdc
Library collection of 34 out-of-print Biennial Reports of the Commissioners of the State Geological and Natural History Survey to the Governor and State Legislature of Connecticut. These historic reports chronicle the legacy and evolution of the State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut from its inception in 1903 until it became an entity of the state environmental agency in 1971. This collection include 682 pages of text, 18 figures, 9 plates, and 2 map sheets. These reports are valuable to science historians,  academic scholars, geoscience professionals, and public policy experts. A related Connecticut Survey Library collection contains associated historic correspondence.  Although most of the...

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