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This project utilizes projected visualization of land cover conditions for the state of Florida at three future time periods. Simulated projected future conditions also vary by patterns in development, levels and types of conservation, and sea level rise. These visualized scenarios afford the opportunity to examine a range of possible outcomes for land use and land cover, and use these scenarios to evaluate the impacts on potential habitat distributions for focal species. For this project, focal species were centered within the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and impacts. The methodology for this project includes four major steps, which have been found to be effective in previous scenario analyses with...
This simple interface is designed to help inform conservation decisions by allowing you to explore a suite of data layers and models. You’ll find information on priority natural resources, biodiversity richness, landscape connectivity and integrity, surface waters and factors contributing to potential landscape change (sea level rise, urban development).1 Compare Key Characteristics across FloridaUse one of the tabs above to explore different combinations of key characteristics assessed at the watershed scale across the state. Click on the bars in the charts to filter the map by that class. You can combine filters across tabs and across factors within a tab. You can also display that factor on the map by clicking...

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