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To identify potential biomarkers of salt stress in the freshwater mussel Elliptio complanata, we examined transcriptional responses of the common mussel Elliptio complanata to controlled NaCl exposures. The data set is a table of counts, with the rows being the transcripts detected in the samples in the experiment and the columns identifying the samples. Four mussles were exposed to normal freshwater and four mussels were exposed to high salinity (two ppt), for a period of seven days.
Deformed wing virus (DWV) is a major pathogen of concern to apiculture, and recent reports have indicated the local predominance and potential virulence of recombinants between DWV and a related virus, Varroa destructor virus 1 (VDV). However, little is known about the frequency and titer of VDV and recombinants relative to DWV generally. In this study, I assessed the relative occurrence and titer of DWV and VDV in public RNA-seq accessions of honey bee using a rapid, kmer-based approach. Three recombinant types were detectable graphically and corroborated by de novo assembly. Recombination breakpoints did not disrupt the capsid-encoding region, consistent with previous reports, and both VDV- and DWV-derived capsids...