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This data set represents greater sage-grouse populations to be used in work for the US Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) 2015 Status Review for the greater sage-grouse. Populations do not represent occupied habitat. Population polygons are meant to coarsely identify areas of occupation based on encircling groups of leks. Boundaries taken from BLM/WAFWA revised population boundaries (‘COT_SG_Populations_2014_WAFWA_UT’ data layer). The original data layer was slightly modified for the USFWS 2015 Status Review. Modifications include dissolving populations across State boundaries and merging several polygons together. Five additional polygons were added to the data set including four polygons in Utah and one polygon in Canada....

    map background search result map search result map Greater Sage-Grouse 2015 USFWS Status Review Populations Greater Sage-Grouse 2015 USFWS Status Review Populations