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This polygon data set represents all sage-grouse Priority Areas for Conservation (PACs) identified in the 2013 Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Objectives Team (COT) Report. PACs represent areas identified as essential for the long-term conservation of the sage-grouse. The COT determined that the PACs are key for the conservation of the species range wide. PAC polygons were provided by States. This data set has merged all State PACs together and cleaned up the polygons by filling in small gaps along state borders, closing any holes less than 10 acres, and removing any polygons less than 10 acres. This cleaning reduced noise in the data. PACs were then split by population using the ‘GRSG_2015_USFWS_StatusReview_Populations’...

    map background search result map search result map Greater Sage-Grouse 2015 USFWS Status Review PACs Greater Sage-Grouse 2015 USFWS Status Review PACs