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The Field Notes collection mainly consists of hand-written descriptions of outcrops, measured sections, gravel pits, and other geologic sites in Iowa. The majority of these notes were contained in paper files, organized by county. Pertinent information from the files was entered in the GeoSam database and associated documents were scanned and uploaded for public view.
Rock geochemistry from samples collected by IGS geologists and retired geologists. Also present are rock geochemical analyses by retired USGS geologists. Includes a geochemical database and web application developed in 2015 to assist with delivery from the IGS website.
These data include springs/seeps, sink/rises, sinkhole center points, and sinkhole areas (all separate shapefiles) digitized from 1:24,000-scale topographic maps. The area for this project includes the southern bend of the Tennessee River basin (parts of northern Alabama, southern Middle Tennessee, and northeastern Mississippi). The data are part of ongoing karst research by the Geological Survey of Alabama.

    map background search result map search result map Idaho geochemical data Collection of Field Notes from Iowa Karst Features of the Southern Bend of the Tennessee River Basin Karst Features of the Southern Bend of the Tennessee River Basin Collection of Field Notes from Iowa Idaho geochemical data