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Building on currently available resources and on the prior climate adaptation experiences of our team,which includes tribal staff and a cultural anthropologist who is also an enrolled member of theConfederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, we will co-develop a guidebook for tribal adaptation. Thisguidebook will bring a tribal focus to adaptation planning and building resilience, in the context ofexisting tribal priorities, and will include traditional and local knowledge as well as western scientificresources and tools. Under the direction of an advisory group, the guidebook will be road-tested withseveral tribes, two of which have already been identified, and then revised at least once before beingreleased.
The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center (ACRC) held a symposium titled “Coastal Temperate Rainforests: Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities” on April 17‐19, 2012, in Juneau, Alaska. The three day event included an all‐day field trip to Berner’s Bay (north of Juneau), an international plenary, three concurrent sessions, two lunch‐time keynote speakers, an evening open public reception, an evening science social, and an evening banquet.The list of speakers may be found in the attached program, or at To highlight a few of the keynotes speakers, Dr. Peter Kareiva (The Nature Conservancy) spoke at the opening public reception and the banquet, Dr. Kirk Johnson (Denver Museum of...
The forum will have two major goals:. First, to share the successes and learnings of past LCC investments on the subjects of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, subsistence resources, and climate adaptation plans. Second, to identify gaps and future needs as this information becomes useful to inform land and water use planning across the region including the Great Northern LCC and the Great Basin LCC and ATNI.FY2017none

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the transboundary Cascadia landscape, and assessing contribution of eDNA to monitoring
priority species Coastal Temperate Rainforest Symposium Final Report Coastal Temperate Rainforest Symposium Final Report Northwest Tribal Forum