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Cell maps for each oil and gas play were created by the USGS as a method for illustrating the degree of exploration, type of production, and distribution of production in a play or province. Each cell represents a quarter-mile square of the land surface, and the cells are coded to represent whether the wells included within the cell are predominantly oil-producing, gas-producing, both oil and gas-producing, or dry. The well information was initially retrieved from the Petroleum Information (PI) Well History Control System (WHCS), which is a proprietary, commercial database containing information for most oil and gas wells in the U.S. Cells were developed as a graphic solution to overcome the problem of displaying...
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The following digital product represents the Acid DepositionSensitivity of the Southern Appalachian Assessment Area. Areashaving various susceptibilities to acid deposition from airpollution are designated on a three tier ranking in the region ofthe Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA). The assessment is beingconducted by Federal agencies that are members of the SouthernAppalachian Man and Biosphere (SAMAB) Cooperative. Sensitivities toacid deposition, ranked high, medium, and low are assigned on thebasis of bedrock compositions and their associated soils, and theircapacities to neutralize acid precipitation.
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    map background search result map search result map 1995 National Oil and Gas Assessment 1/4-Mile Cells within the Blue Ridge Thrust Belt Province 1995 National Oil and Gas Assessment 1/4-Mile Cells within the Blue Ridge Thrust Belt Province