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Benthic invertebrate communities are monitored because the composition of those communities can affect and be affected by the water quality of an aquatic system. Benthic communities use and sometimes regulate the cycling of essential elements (for example, carbon). Benthic invertebrate taxa may also indicate acute and chronic stressors in an environment because they accumulate contaminants and can respond – sometimes dramatically - to oligotrophic and eutrophic conditions. Benthic communities affect water quality by grazing pelagic food resources and increasing the rate of nutrient regeneration through feeding and bioturbating sediments. South San Francisco Bay is a system dependent on phytoplankton as the base...
NEAMAP stands for NorthEast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program. NEAMAP was developed to meet the needs of fisheries management and stock assessment activities in the northeastern United States. NEAMAP began in 2006 with a fall pilot survey and in 2008 began conducting both a spring and fall survey. NEAMAP samples from Cape Cod, MA south to Cape Hatteras, NC and targets both juvenile and adult fishes. NEAMAP is an integrated, cooperative state/federal data collection program. Its mission is to facilitate the collection and dissemination of fishery-independent information obtained in the Northeast for use by state and federal fisheries management agencies, the fishing industry (commercial and recreational),...
Categories: Data; Types: Citation; Tags: Anelídeo, Artrópode, Atlantic hagfish, Atlantic ridley, Atlantic ridley sea turtle, All tags...

    map background search result map search result map Northeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program Near Shore Trawl Survey (NEAMAP) Benthic Community Dynamics in Coyote Creek and Artesian Slough, Southern San Francisco Bay, California, May 2016 to March 2018 Northeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program Near Shore Trawl Survey (NEAMAP)