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These data are statistical model outputs for Lane Mountain milk-vetch (Astragalus jaegerianus ) species distribution, completed by CBI. Predictions of habitat occupancy were generated from Maxent models for the DRECP. This species distribution model was produced for a limited extent within the DRECP region, defined as a union of USDA ecoregion subsections with occurrences and 10km buffer of occurrences, at 270 m resolution with 211 detections points obtained March 2013 from CNDDB (California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Biogeographic Data Branch) and Consortium of California Herbaria ( The model was built with the following ten environmental predictors (provided to CBI...
This dataset represents current terrestrial intactness values (estimated at the 1km level) within the modeled distribution of the Lane mountain milk-vetch (Astragalus jaegerianus). Terrestrial intactness is high in areas where development is low, vegetation intactness is high, and fragmentation is low. Consequently, this dataset serves as a general* indication of habitat quality within the distribution of this conservation element. Estimates of current terrestrial intactness were generated by an EEMS fuzzy logic model that integrates multiple measures of landscape development and vegetation intactness, including agriculture development (from LANDFIRE EVT v1.1), urban development (from LANDFIRE EVT v1.1 and NLCD...
Human expansion into the Mojave Desert is a significant threat to rare desert plants. While immediate habitat loss is often the greatest concern, rare plants situated near areas where soil surfaces experience frequent disturbance may be indirectly impacted when fine particulate dust accumulates on leaf surfaces. Remaining populations of the federally listed Astragalus jaegerianus (Lane Mountain milkvetch) occur on land open to expanding military activities and on adjacent public land with increasing recreational use. This study was initiated to determine whether dust accumulation could decrease the vigor and fitness of A. jaegerianus through reduced growth. Beginning in early May 2004, plants located on Bureau of...

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